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Level D - Certified Project Management Associate An IPMA Certification at Level D requires that the candidate has and is able to apply knowledge of project management that covers a broad spectrum of method applications and leadership behaviour - as required for the management of a less complex project.

Competence requirements

Project Management Experience
There is not any requirements at level D, but it is required that the candidate has and is able to apply the knowledge of all competence elements in project management.

Method applications
The candidate has explicit knowledge of one method/tool for most of the sub-competences under the method elements of the NCB as well as insight into how to apply these in less complex situations.

This is valid for the following four competence areas:
  • Plan and evaluate the project management
  • Organize the project management phases
  • Perform overall project management
  • Perform ongoing project management
  • Knowledge in manage corporate processes

Leadership behaviour
The candidate should have knowlede of good leadership behaviour, be aware of and able to reflect on own demonstrated behaviour.

This requires behaviour that promotes the project in three ways:

  • Integrate project processes
  • Influence project progress
  • Stimulate joint venture